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Welcome to "Hauptsache Flüssig!"
A sustainability initiative of the A.B.S. Group

Liquidity is a word we all encounter – but it affects each person in an individual way. For us as a financial services provider, liquidity is at the core of our business model. But how do you see it?

What role does liquidity play for you personally? 💭

As soon as you think just a little deeper about this question, you realize how many thoughts and interpretations you can come up with. It becomes clear what a significant influence liquidity has on companies and our daily lives.

Liquidity is also closely related to sustainability.

Liquidity and sustainability are inextricably linked at A.B.S. Group and we place great emphasis on living this link. This is reflected in our business relationships and partnerships and how our services impact people’s lives and our planet.

All of this has inspired us to launch #hauptsacheflüssig – a moving campaign that further promotes this concept of sustainability. And you can be an active part of it!

This is how you join our sustainability movement! 🎥

Get out your smartphone, open the camera app, and share your thoughts about liquidity. Simply answer the following questions:

  • What does liquidity mean to you?
  • What is your favorite drink and can you tell us the recipe?
  • What is your wish for our planet?

Then upload your video in the form below and harvest a drop of future! As a thank you for your commitment, we will donate 25 euros to our partner CleanHub, a Berlin-based start-up that promotes a sustainable circular economy to recycle plastic waste and prevent marine pollution.

And the best thing is: you can win too! 🙂

Every month we raffle 10 of our stylish „Hauptsache flüssig“ reusable bottles powered by LARQ  among all participants. Whether at work, on the road or during sports … Once you learn to love them, you don’t want to let them go.

Join us and help us do something good for the environment! 🌍💧

Upload images or videos
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Did you know ...

  • that around 8 million tons of plastic enter the oceans every year. This has a devastating impact on marine biodiversity.
  • that plastic waste in the ocean often decomposes very slowly or not at all, creating microplastics. This threatens the food chains of marine life.
  • that some studies estimate that the weight of plastic in the oceans could exceed that of fish if we don’t act? Scary, isn’t it?

By 2030, CleanHub aims to eliminate half of Ocean Plastics. That’s 7 million tons! To make it all scalable, the startup focuses on the most effective solution: collecting non-recyclable plastic before entering the environment. And we’re getting in on the action!

You can follow the entire journey behind #hauptsacheflüssig live on our Instagram channel.

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Thank you for being a part of #hauptsacheflüssig!

Your contribution will help us to view liquidity not only as a financial resource, but also as a driver for positive change in our world.

We are eager to hear your personal perspective and look forward to shaping a more sustainable future together. 💙